Course Description

In this dynamic and fun Masterclass you will be inspired and energised by the power of story and how it can impact change in the most rewarding way. We will explore traditional communications strategies and how sustainability can enhance their purpose. You will be introduced to remarkable examples of destination best practise by professionals who are forging a path to a regenerative future. We will introduce you to biomimicry and its principals, living systems thinking and  behaviour change methodologies..

This dynamic exploration of communications in a world recovering from tremendous shocks will help you to lead the development and implementation of more engaging and purposeful story and communication action plans, that will catalyse the environmental, economic and social regeneration of your destination.   

  • Outcome #1

    Increased knowledge of sustainability brand marketing, best practices and behaviour change.

  • Outcome #2

    Ability to use a new toolbox of approaches and templates to persuade, influence and inspire.

  • Outcome #3

    Enhanced brand story and improved communications strategy techniques.

Teaching Methodology

This interactive, and collaborative masterclass is for mid to senior-level marketing and communications professionals and teams in Municipalities/Governments, Destination Management Organisations, Convention Bureaus, and their agencies.

Why does sustainability matter? How do we talk about it? And how do we catalyze action and change? The masterclass is divided into four modules each supported with pre-reading, supporting videos, and homework. Each module is designed to redefine and build on understanding what makes a great ‘sustainability’ campaign and how to tell the stories that can have the most impact.

Schedule and Time Commitment

In-house Masterclasses are scheduled based on the client wishes and availability of the faculty members. We recommend covering one Module per week.

Live sessions are 2 hours. Allow 1 hour pre-reading and another 1-2 hours for homework, reading and reviewing after each module. 

You will have access to the course content on the learning management system for 2 months after finishing this course.


This in-house masterclass is available upon request.

Chief Storyteller and Head of Communications, GDS-Movement

Melissa Baird

Melissa is a communications specialist whose career has spanned publishing, advertising, brand, and marketing development. She has worked with global NGO’s, local government, major brands and was head of strategy at specialised advertising agency Ogilvy Earth. She is a passionate and dedicated teacher and has also developed a range of environmental literacy materials for use at South African schools. Her work with the GDS-Index began in 2015, and she is now Chief Storyteller and Head of Communications for the GDS-M.

Chief Changemaker

Guy Bigwood

For the last 15 years, Guy has been delivering award-winning consulting services focused on helping cities, governments, corporations and associations step up, scale up and speed up their sustainability programmes and regenerative practices. Guy’s pioneering work has been recognised with 22 sustainability awards including the Events Industry Council Pacesetter Award, and recognition as a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

Resident Futurist

Ed Gillespie

Ed Gillespie is a keynote speaker, writer, communications specialist, serial entrepreneur and futurist. As well as the Resident Futurist at the GDS-Movement, Ed is a facilitator with the Forward Institute for responsible leadership, a Director of Greenpeace UK, a Trustee of Energy Revolution, and a founder investor and former Chair of pioneering online rail ticketing business ‘Loco2’ now rebranded as Rail Europe. Ed co-hosts Itunes chart-topping podcast ‘Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts’ and ‘The Great Humbling’.
  • 1

    Introduction Storytelling and Communication Strategies for Regeneration Masterclass

    • Storytelling and Communication Strategies for Regeneration Masterclass. Description

    • Storytelling and Communication Strategies for Regeneration Masterclass. Learning Outcomes

    • Storytelling and Communication Strategies for Regeneration Masterclass. Teaching Methodology and Tools

  • 2

    Module 1 - The Power of Story: Rethinking Communication

    • Module 1 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 1 - Class & recordings

    • Module 1 - Presentation slides

    • Module 1 - Homework activities

  • 3

    Module 2 - Sustainability Marketing: The Tools Behind Brand Building, Story Telling and Behaviour Change 

    • Module 2 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 2 - Class & recordings

    • Module 2 - Presentation slides

    • Module 2 - Homework activities

  • 4

    Module 3 - Case Studies: Best Practices For Destination Story Development

    • Module 3 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 3 - Class & recordings

    • Module 3 - Presentation slides

    • Module 3 - Homework activities

  • 5

    Module 4 - Applying Knowledge: Create Your Destination's Communication Plan

    • Module 4 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 4 - Class & recordings

    • Module 4 - Presentation slides

    • Module 4 - Individual team work

    • Module 4 - Learnings and feedback