Course Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound human and economic consequences on the events sector, questioning the industry’s resilience and future. Events as we knew them no longer exist. Far from pushing the sustainability agenda to the bottom of the list, the current crisis is demanding a “systems reset” that requires a new safe, resilient, inclusive and zero carbon growth model.

This requires a paradigm shift in in how events are designed, implemented, and measured. We call this the Regenerative Revolution. 

In this inspirational and fun Masterclass you will be provoked and guided towards an approach to event design that acts, within planetary boundaries, rebuilds society, and  regenerates nature. 

Across 4 interactive and live modules, we will move from a sustainability viewpoint to a regenerative approach to event management. Using the Hannuwa approach, we will explore strategy development, to stakeholder engagement, circular economy, regenerative food approaches, social impact, measurement, and reporting. Theory will be enlightened with presentations from leading event sustainability practitioners from leading global agencies, corporates and associations.

  • Outcome #1

    Regenerative thinking: A deeper understanding of regenerative business concepts, what nature teaches us about flourishing and thriving systems, and how nature can help us to innovate and co-create thriving and flourishing events.

  • Outcome #2

    Practical tools: Learn a practical methodology called Hannuwa, that you can use to design and implement events that catalyze social, environmental and economic regeneration.

  • Outcome #3

    Increased skills in developing and implementing an impact strategy for your event, measuring and reporting on your event footprints and handprints.

Teaching Methodology

We use a blended approach to learning. We combine online live lectures and panels, with pre-recorded video, reading and deep exploratory discussions in diads, triads and the whole group. We integrate design thinking processes, with the expertise and knowledge  of the group to rethink and redesign “wicked” challenges. This course will be fun, dynamic and engaging. We use some of the best online collaboration tools, and some of the oldest and most tested technics to unlock the collective intelligence and understanding of the group. Not only will you be learning, but you will be expected to share experiences and co-create new approaches with your peers.

Schedule and Time Commitment

In-house Masterclasses are scheduled based on the client wishes and availability of the faculty members. We recommend covering one Module per week.

Live sessions are 2 hours. Allow 1 hour pre-reading and another 1-2 hours for homework, reading and reviewing after each module. 

You will have access to the course content on the learning management system for 2 months after finishing this course.


This in-house masterclass is available upon request.

Chief Changemaker

Guy Bigwood

For the last 15 years, Guy has been delivering award-winning consulting services focused on helping cities, governments, corporations and associations step up, scale up and speed up their sustainability programmes and regenerative practices. Guy’s pioneering work has been recognised with 22 sustainability awards including the Events Industry Council Pacesetter Award, and recognition as a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

Senior Changemaker, GDS-Movement

Claudia van't Hullenaar

Claudia helps advance the transition to conscious and regenerative leadership and businesses. She is also a founder of Sustained Impact as well as a Senior Changemaker at the GDS Movement. Claudia combines 25 years multi-disciplinary, cross functional business and sustainability experience including an 11-year tenure at a Fortune 500 IT company. Here she designed and led the implementation of an award-winning corporate event sustainability strategy. Her passion lies in human potential and genuine transformation, and facilitating collaborative processes for societal impact.
  • 1

    Introduction to Regenerative Event Management Masterclass

    • Introduction to Regenerative Event Management Masterclass. Description

    • Introduction to Regenerative Event Management Masterclass. Learning Outcomes

    • Introduction to Regenerative Event Management Masterclass. Teaching Methodology and Tools

  • 2

    Module 1 - Regenerative Business: An introduction

    • Module 1 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 1 - Class & recordings

    • Module 1 - Presentation slides

    • Module 1 - Homework activities

  • 3

    Module 2 - Footprints to handprints: Increasing and measuring impact

    • Module 2 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 2 - Class & recordings

    • Module 2 - Presentation slides

    • Module 2 - Homework activities

  • 4

    Module 3 - Eliminate waste, increase circularity, design in greater diversity, inclusion and equity, and regenerative nature

    • Module 3 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 3 - Class & recordings

    • Module 3 - Presentation slides

    • Module 3 - Homework activities

  • 5

    Module 4 - Communications and Engagement

    • Module 4 - Preparations and pre-module activities

    • Module 4 - Class & recordings

    • Module 4 - Presentation slides

    • Module 4 - Individual team work

    • Module 4 - Learnings and feedback